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Seb’s philosophies, tools and processes will unleash anyone’s ability to put aside procrastination and prioritize whats truly important to them living a happier healthier life.

Unlock Limitless Possibility

Leaders and teams who integrate Seb’s methodology and frameworks report immediate boosts in three core categories; workplace connection (22%), project motivation (24%) and purpose in the workplace (35%), all within a 28-day period.

Complimented by actionable peer-to-peer connection models that cultivate thriving environments of collaboration, employees also report a 17% improvement in feelings of work / life balance.

Linking human potential to company vision, Seb’s dynamic goal-striving models stimulate not only the agility for individuals and leaders to adapt to change but the bravery to create it, too, in turn unlocking the code to limitless possibility and the sustainable future success of employees, organizations and the clients they serve.

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Keynote TOPICS

As a keynote speaker, Seb’s inspirational work has impacted millions of individuals and influenced thousands of organizations and fortune 100 companies around the globe.

Inspirational Leadership

Activating the best in others through inspiration, inclusion and community

Mental Health & Mindset

Building Resilience, Optimism & Connection


Individual Growth Leads To Collective Transformation

Company Culture

Creating Thriving Environments for Belonging, Collaboration & Growth

Employee Engagement

Linking passion & purpose to unleash human-potential

Peak Performance & Productivity

Igniting purpose-driven action to unlock peak performance

Frequently Asked Questions

No, in fact you’re going to notice a more engaged and connected team.

Seb is a proponent of balance and integration when it comes to professional and personal life. His keynote specifically highlights that goals emanate from a holistic understanding of every aspect of our lives. In this sense, personal goals, professional goals and community goals actually work together to create an optimized lifestyle in and out of the workplace.

  • Inspiration & Motivation
  • Purpose Driven Leadership
  • Peak Performance & Motivation
  • Mental Health, Mindset & Balance
  • Change Creation & Transformation
  • Connection & Company Culture

The advent of virtual or hybrid meetings has allowed Seb and his team to create a multidimensional digital offering that brings all of the learnings and energy to the big screen (or laptop screen!), plus more.

In short; Seb’s virtual keynotes are just as effective as his live events.

Using his production studio, green screen and integrative software, Seb leverages streaming technology to create an unforgettable interactive experience.

In terms of outcomes, your audience will walk away with just as much motivation and perspective to kick down the doors and create their best lives.

Book signings: Seb’s best-selling book (100 Things) can make a fantastic take-away gift for your employees. Upon request, we can arrange a book signing for all delegates or simply send you pre-signed copies before the event.

Dream Wall: As a way to create an interactive activation on your event day, Seb and his team can create a stunning Canvas for delegates to share their goals on. With many options in terms of style and process, the dream wall presents a beautiful insight into the hopes and dreams of your employees as well as a place of connection. It also doubles as a fantastic community art piece to hang on the office wall after the event.

Live Your List program: As mentioned above, attendees have the opportunity to walk away with a fully self-guided 8-Step program that will offer a framework to help them create and activate their ultimate lists.

In one word; your people are going to feel unstoppable!

In addition to a huge re-framing of what’s possible, high motivation and a desire to maximize their lives, attendees will be armed with a toolkit and framework to not just adapt to change, but to create, too.

Individuals report increases in performance, peer-to-peer connection, optimism, engagement, agency, resilience, and improved markers in mental health.

After Seb’s keynote, there’s no better way to turn motivation into action than to offer the opportunity and framework for individuals and teams to create and activate their own lists.

Seb is happy to chat to you about best practices moving forward, whether he is involved or not. If you’d like to utilize Seb’s expertise further, he offers 2 options to complement his keynote:

  1. Breakout Session: Following his own 8-step process, individuals and teams can be guided (in person or virtually) through a holistic workshop to create and activate their very own list of goals to represent each aspect of their lives. Not only this but they will be encouraged to also execute on custom made action plans. The workshop is a great opportunity to leverage motivation (post- presentation) into real time progress for individuals and teams alike.
  2. Live Your List Program: After years of research and development, Seb offers an online self-learning program, the Live Your List program that guides employees through his unique 8-Step program. Furthermore, employers will be presented with valuable data that offers insight into the wellbeing of their staff as well as a roadmap for further support and development.

Every keynote and breakout session that Seb delivers is different. Not only is Seb easy to work with but he”ll go the extra yard to ensure that every audience feels part of a personalized experience. Over his 10 year speaking career, Sebastian has experienced every type of event and schedule, from delivering a 7 minute keynote to facilitating day-long sessions.

  • Finance & Insurance
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Health and Wellness
  • Technology
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • Government
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Retail