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Mental Health Keynote Speaker

Building an Unstoppable Mindset

Mental health is pivotal to all human development, informing our performance, our mindset and our ability to connect with others. Mental health is indeed the foundation to a life well lived, in and out of the workplace. Alarming statistics now show us that mental health is a global issue with depression, anxiety and even suicide rates rising dramatically from 2023 to 2024.

So how do we address this worrying issue that threatens to cripple the ability for humans to live happily, perform effectively and work together in harmony? In his Mental Health: Building an Unstoppable Mindset, keynote speaker, Seb unpacks what mental health means and how to effectively manage it with his mental health framework.


  • Self Awareness as a foundation for growth
  • Emotional regulation through adversity & change
  • The 5 pillars to holistic mental health
  • Linking passion to purpose
  • How to cultivate community & conversation
  • Building resilience, optimism and agility
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Keynote Speaker on Mental Health and Wellness

What if we truly believed that anything was possible? With positive mental health comes the ability for individuals, teams and organizations to thrive. Renowned for inspiring and facilitating his Unlock Limitless Possibility message into his Mental Health: Building an Unstoppable Mindset keynotes, mental health keynote speaker, Seb Terry, deep dives not only into the psychology of self-understanding, goal striving & connection, but offers a step by step model for individuals to address mental health as a daily practice, in turn unlocking personal growth, peak performance and community connection.

As a mental health keynote speaker, Seb builds trust with the audience as he shares his own story of depletion and subsequent mental health journey. Creating a safe container for candid conversation, Seb unpacks and provides a dynamic framework for improved mental health, and collective evolution.


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